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+Saturday, September 25, 2004+05:02 p.m.+
urg URG. History sucks. D:< but.. I think I did maybe sort of OK on the test we had friday. so. yay. And I didn't study. Well.. I studied in flex. But I just read through my notes and looked up the key thingers in the index. >__< I should have studied. But I had 3 freakin tests that day. So I studied for English the night before and that was it. And my chemistry test was easy. I mean.. it was rounding man. ROUNDING. >_>

Art is fun. ^^ We haven't really done much yet but we did have to do a visual journal thingy. I have to turn mine in late though. Thanks to that fuckin history project I didn't get mine done in time. damn you history but what I do have done is neat. Whooo. I don't like how his hand looks, though it's better than it was when I started it. And I don't really like his nose either. GOD I love those glasses. I want those glasses. X3 And I only scanned the half I drew. For this journal thing we had to draw half of a picture. After I did that one I realized it was uber small and we have to fill up the whole page and that one didn't so I did another one. I like them both but.. the Ruki one is bigger and more.. interesting I guess. Complicated. freakin hard. >__< I did some more on it yesterday night and today but I still haven't even tried to do the stripes on his jacket. Their gonna be so hard. ._. And his face doesn't really look like the original but.. I like the way it looks. >_> The straps don't really look right either. ARG. .___.

I have to do my history notes. I want to try to get ahead. At least by a little. It would be so nice not to have to read every night.

+Monday, September 20, 2004+05:06 p.m.+
hm. well. Schneider gave me my notebook back without making me do anything. That was nice of him I guess. >> hee. I came home today and my little L'arc live clip was finished and had only taken 6 hours. ^^ It is SO nice to come home to stuff like that. A little mini concert waiting for me.. heh. ^^ There seems to be a bunch of L'arc things that I want on the Musume tracker right now. hm. and omg I am already almost finished with the review part of my history project! YAY! (^o^)/ ... omgwtf. ahm. I gotta work like.. all day today. Right now. Cuz the KMC is on tonight and then tomorrow Scrubs is on. Father of the Pride too but.. if I miss that I won't be too unhappy. Oh crap when does Will and Grace come on?? Thursdays right?! oh god I hope it's Thursdays. You know, Wednesdays are really boring. Nothing is on on Wednesdays. ...I hate typing that word. It's hard. >< sigh. I guess I'll go work some more now.. x_x

+ARG GRR aldjskfuckfjklsdaj...
+Monday, September 20, 2004+12:21 a.m.+
adjksldfhs. >:O My Equiano project is due on frickin Tuesday and I have finished.. hm.. lets see.. NONE OF IT. oh. my. god. I have got to stop putting things off like this. I keep telling myself that and yet I just keep doing it. And this is what happens. I'm gonna have to stay up ALL NIGHT tomorrow to do the entire fuckin thing because I have to do my history NOTES right now. dammit. I hate that man. I hate him. GAH.

AND for art we have to do one of our visual journal things for.. Thursday I think. I wanted to do this one that's like "dedicate a whole page of your journal to your favorite celebrity/singer/actor/whatever." hehe. I know JUST who I'd pick. ^^ But I'd want it to be good. I want to spend time on it. I REALLY wanted to use this weekend to work on it but nooooOOOOoooo. I have to do my damn history shit. aKFDLASJFKLSHFDSA.

AND I left my notebook in his class. If that stupid fuckass wants me to clean his goddamn desks just to get my notebook back I'll just tell him "hell no" and he can keep the damn thing. Unless he was just kidding about making us do some chore to get our crap back if we forget it. >> then.. I guess I'll just get my notebook back. I wouldn't actually say "hell no" anyway. I'm sure he'd be mad if I said "hell no."


On Friday or whatever the hell day it was when I last had english, Rosenthal asked if anyone blogged and I raised my hand and he asked me why I blogged and I said I didn't know. Well now, I think it's so I can rant and swear about the things that PISS ME OFF. like some certain teachers. ahem.

Lindsey and I went to see Cellular on.. Saturday. It was alright. Could've been better. I decided to see that instead of Napoleon whateverthingy because I read somewhere that some guy who had something to do with Phonebooth had something to do with Cellular so I was like oooo Phoneboothman. And plus, Lindsey said she didn't mind seeing Napoleom whateverthingy but I know she really just wanted to see Cellular. So.. yeah. There were some things in it that I just didn't believe. Like.. could she really have repaired that phone? I know that if someone smashed my phone with a giant hammer thing I wouldn't know how to fix it. I guess I could just stick random wires together but.. that doesn't seem smart to me. >> And why didn't see just like.. take one of the large items in the background and smash the window open? Or the door? All she did was hit the window with her hands and wiggled the doorknob a bit. It didn't look like she made much effort. Anyway.. it was alright. It was worth paying for it I guess. I like going to the movies anyway.

omg. Downloading things secretly is really scary man. o_o I have a little plan now though. If the internet is ever slow for Dad and it's because I'm downloading a torrent or something, I'm gonna tell him I'm downloading a thing for computer math. I actually already downloaded the thing he gave us a link to but.. Dad doesn't know that. >> So.. yeah. I don't like lying to him though.. but. I can't not download these things. I NEED this L'arc live clip dammit. These things are the only things that keep me SANE. Or something. Maybe not sane.. just.. happy. ^^ and sane. I'm sane. o___x

oh god. The computer randomly turned off today. o_o scared the crap outta me man. seriously. The last time it did that, it was totally screwed up. o__o I didn't tell anyone though. >>

well. what a way to start the year. I got a 10 on the first test we had in history. WHOO. ohmyfuck. What am I gonna duuuuu?! I'm gonna fail. ;o; I gotta do what I gotta do and that is.. take lotsa notes. And try to participate I guess..

Take: Maybe I'm the only one who knows what kind of guy Gackt really is! Gackt public image is that he likes women, & that he's furachi guy number 1, but the surprising truth is...he likes men.
Gackt: *laughs* No, no, it's not like that, will you stop it?
Take: *laughs*
Gackt: Please! You're supposed to be my friend!
Take: Do you like men?
Gackt: Well yes, but...

hehe. XD

+kind of illegal
+Wednesday, September 15, 2004+07:30 p.m.+
For english we have to write a page on a utopian environment. I'm not sure what to write. ._. I mean.. everyone has their own idea of paradise.. I think.. if I could just relive this summer over and over again forever I'd be fine. ^^ This summer was so nice.. Otakon.. Halo nights.. Rehobeth.. That's my paradise. Except take those things and stick them in winter, except Rehobeth of course, and then.. it'd be perfect. And I'd want uberfast internet. >_< And Gackt to be at Otakon. >____< heh. So I guess it's not really perfect. Hm. >_>

ohmyGAH. I finally got that Arizona show with Gackt on it. It finished. And it was great. He looked all happy and stuffs. ^____^ ..but.. Dad was kinda annoyed with me. I got home that day and that morning I'd gotten up and started the download like I said I would so when I got home I hoped I could get on there before Dad and see how it was. But nooo. Linds was on there. And then Dad. And then Dad yelled for me to come downstairs and I knew why. -_- He asked me why the internet was on and I told him I disconnected it last night but.. then started it again this morning. He didn't really say anything to that but he was annoyed and told me that the internet was so slow he couldn't read his emails and Linds couldn't get on AIM. And then he asked me how he could tell if I was d/ling something or not and I told him he couldn't tell if he was on his username but he said no I'm on your's, with the girl with the tie. And I didn't understand what he meant so I came around the corner and looked at the screen and.. he was talking about my wallpaper. It was Gackt. I like that wallpaper. >_< He thought it was a girl. I don't think he looks like a girl there. >_> And if Dad was in a better mood, I would've been like Dad, that's a dude. But I didn't. I just told him my download was done, because it was, and he disconnected the internet and reconnected. Then while he was loading his email, he asked me if all this d/ling I was doing is legal. And.. I said no it's kind of illegal I guess.. He was surprised and said kind of illegal?! Well then you should stop. You have to stop if it's illegal. I don't want some artist coming to my house and sueing me. And that was that. Of course.. I don't think I can stop. It's like.. an addiction. Hell, I'm d/ling something right now. ... OOO actually it's done. Just finished. NEAT. It's the "Hyde meets Megumi" video. *watches* AAAAAAAWWWWWW that was like.. the cutest clip I've ever watched. ^-^ He looked so embarassed. XD um.. yeah. Anyways. I guess I'll just have to download in secret. ooooo I'm so bad. I guess I'll try to get stuff over night on the weekends. But that SUCKS!! All the seeds might be off by the time I get to the torrents I want. ;-; This sucks. ARG. Dad doens't get it. I told him there is no way to get these music videos. Though I guess sometimes the PVs come with the singles but I don't think I can get the old ones. And plus I don't want to buy singles. It's just too stuff to buy.. ._. sigh.

+"OH.. more Gackt.."
+Monday, September 13, 2004+09:19 p.m.+
adkslgy. I have been downloading this for more than a day now. And I still have 16 hours to go. And Dad and Linds have been complaining about the internet being horribly slow. Linds said she couldn't sign on to AIM. I can get on AIM. >_> But Dad said I'm gonna have to stop the download tonight and disconnnect the internet because he doesn't want it going overnight. I don't see why. I think it makes more sense to let the download go overnight but stop it during the day when people will be getting online. >_> But.. whatever. I'll just restart it in the morning before school. XD ...I didn't know that video was so big when I started it. I was just like "oooo Gackt video" *starts download and leaves* and then I come back later and it's like got 48 hours to go or something and I'm like man wtf. Then I noticed it was 250mb and.. yeah.. But oh well. I can't stop now dammit. 73% yo. In 16 hours I get to watch Gackt wakeboard(?)! Wheeeeeeeeeee.

OOOOOOHH. Yesterday on HEY3 they were doing a little repeat thing where they just showed little clips of guests and one of them was Gackt!!!11 I saw his face when they were showing who would be on the show before the show actually started and I was like omgwtfgackt and then.. I had to go poo. Right at that exact moment my ass decided it was time to take a shit. And I was like fuckno it's gackt but then I went to the bathroom really freakin quickly and didn't miss him. He was only on for 3 or 4 minutes though. But.. he looked so pretty! (*__*) ♥

Aaaand the other day I was looking at some pictures of the man and Linds came in and she looked at the screen and said "OH more Gackt.." then she rolled her eyes and left. ... >_> ah but then another time she came in and I had some Gackt song playing and she said "ya know.. he has an interesting singing voice.." and she left. I was pretty surprised that she recognized his voice. And "interesting" isn't an insult so.. YAY. I'll convert her eventually.. X3

+the weather affects my knee
+Friday, September 10, 2004+08:03 p.m.+
Marilyn Manson was on Daily Download today. I wasn't going to watch it but then I did because Franz Ferdinand was gonna play 2 songs. They were alright. heh. >_> I've never even seen Manson before. >_< Except.. I think he was on that show that was on MTV a while ago.. uh.. Clone High? But that was a cartoon so.. that doesn't count. They showed his new(I think?) video and it was good I guess. Then the host guy (I hate all the hosts on fuse. fuse is such a cool music channel but the VJ's are stupid and annoy the hell out of me. and I don't know why I call them hosts all the time) was talking to him and stuff. He seemed like a pretty normal guy to me. hee. Manson told the VJ that he looked too handsome to be a VJ and then the VJ told Manson he looked fabulous. I loved the outfit he was wearing. A suity thing. I liked his shoes. ^^ and gloves.. I liked all the suity things he was wearing in the video too. And his eyes looked neat. XD aaand then at the end I was sorta not paying attention to what they were talking about but then Manson said "I'm well endowed if you want to know" ... and they showed another of his videos and.. yay. I've now seen 2 Marilyn Manson videos. um.. whoo.

School was pretty normal and boring today. Except english. English was fun. "Elephants are big." yes. yes, they are. He has a drawer full of animal masks for some reason. O___o We were talking about something about cows so he put on a cow mask.

ARG the internet is so horribly slow it cannot load hotmail or log me on to AIM. It's my fault though. I'm downloading a thing off bittorrent. sigh. I don't want to stop downloading it though! If I do.. the seeders might stop seeding and then when I restart it later there won't be any seeds or there'll only be like.. 2 or something. ARG. oh well. heh. Dad is complaining now. I'm always jamming the internet up with downloads. I told him I can just pause it if he wants but he won't listen. oh well.

PopJapanTV tonight! Yaaaaay. ^__________^

I had this song stuck in my head ALL DAY today >>

C-C-C-Cinamin lips and candy kisses on my tongue
B-B-B-Buttery eyes, if only cries could come from those eyes
Have you landed yet and if so would you let me know?
I'm tired of looking up, into those starry eyes
Does it rain where you are, does it snow and if so
remind me not to go there
The weather affects my knee
I've never felt this way before
C-C-C-Cinamin lips, go powder your cheeks and meet your new bow
C-C-C-Counting sheep, if only sheep could put me to sleep
I've never felt this way before
Someday (one day) you'll miss me
Monday (somedays) when I'm gone
One day (someday) you'll miss me
have you landed yet and if so would you let me know?
I've never felt this way before
But it was cool cuz I like that song. And those might not be the right words. >_o Thats what it sounds like he's saying. "The weather affects my knee"?? That song is so cute. ^^

Dad is making fun of me because I've been waiting for over 3 hours for a 3 minute video. It's funny cuz I've still got another 4 hours to go. XD I didn't tell him that. He'd freak out. >_>

+Wednesday, September 8, 2004+11:28 p.m.+
^^ I just finished watching In and Out. I like that movie. I like it so much that I'm putting it on my christimas list. yay..

WHOO 2nd day of school and stuffs. Like my english teacher. He's funny. And he likes gnomes and has 2 in the classroom which is just..neat. Flex is stupid. It's the same as iceblock last year except now we have to go to a different classroom every day. which is just annoying. and STUPID. yes. ok then. APUSH scares me. Schneider isn't as scary as I thought but.. uh. I dunno. And my chemistry teacher is old and has the wierdest freakin mustache ever.

DAMMIT and I thought today was Thursday! All day I thought today was Thursday! I was so happy because I thought that Revolution would be on tonight and then tomorrow would be Friday and PopJapanTV and then the weekend. WARG.

..I drew this thing today. clizzick yo. uh. he has glasses on. >_>

NOOOOOOOOOO o___o I'm not on the high score thing on the Butabura game! ;___; It was so hard to get on there. ._. I have to get back on there now. I will godammit.
I am not on the list yet. Those people must have cheated. yep.

omg. The other day I was searching on google for.. something and my blog came up! :O This blog. It was wierd. >_>

I just downloaded 2:38 of some guy making really wierd noises. >___@ I really need to stop downloading random crap. but.. sometimes I get good stuff from downloading random things. o____o

Woah. Hey, neat. (hehe. I almost wrote Ney, heat. XD) Another Jurassic Park movie. Hope it'll be good. ..wtf? "custom-bred mutant dinosaur assault squad,"?! I am very tempted to read that script review but I won't. Spoilers are bad.

+Tuesday, September 7, 2004+10:42 p.m.+
o_o hm. First day of school. XO It wasn't so bad I guess. I actually got up really well. On time and stuff. I think I'm going to like computer math. My teacher is really nice. He has a ponytail. >_o Umm.. I dunno about Multimedia presentations thing whatever. Teacher is nice but kinda..wierd. She said to us "we are all blessed people so we should act like it." o___o And I don't know about the actual class itself because.. I don't really know what we'll be doing exactly. >_> And my art teacher is nice too. She showed us a bunch of neat..art..things. >___< Yeah. And then German. Woopdeedoo. omg and I didn't get Rounsley. I got the other guy. Schneider. I thought he looked scary at the little AP thing we went to last year so I didn't want him. But then.. I didn't want Rounsley either. It's not that I don't like Rounsley himself.. he's nice and all but I hated doing those damn posters every day. ..ok not everyday but still..I don't learn from posters.. And he said hello to me today. which was kind of odd. >_> I said hello back of course. but uh.. whatever. I'm bored. bleeeeeeeeh.

+Monday, September 6, 2004+08:58 p.m.+
ARG. We have school tomorrow. I don't want to go to school. Summer is so nice. I love sleeping in and then just laying around the house. As much as I hate the icky hot summer weather, I don't want summer to end. School sucks. BLARG.

Hee. We went out to today to get Linds a cellphone and a new mouse for the computer. The new mouse we got is just..awesome. We got it at Circuit City. I really wanted to get this one that came with a tablet but it was $100 or something and mom said I didn't need it because it was really supposed to be used with digital pictures. ..We have a scanner though. >_o Oh well. Then we went to get Linds's cellphone and the guy helping us was really nice and mom decided to get this plan thing where you get 2 cellphones for $40 a month. and she said I could have the 2nd phone and she or dad would use my old phone. So um.. I have a new cellphone now. It's so neat. It has a color screen, it can record sounds for some reason, and it came with a camera. But the camera kind of sucks but it's still cool. And I don't even want to use it for the phone. AND after we left CircuitCity mom took us to 7/11 to get me coffee! :D YAY.

I am happy today. Even if school is tomorrow. I'm never going to fall asleep tonight though. >< And dad told me that I should disconnect the internet before I go to bed tonight. Which means I can't download things over night. ;__; noooo. I was hoping I could leave something downloading and then have a nice little PV or live to watch when I got home from school. .__. sigh.

+Monday, September 6, 2004+01:05 a.m.+
D: I saw a commercial for the newest KidsBop CD and they put This Love by Maroon5 on there! !? That song is bad man! Look-->

I tried my best to feed her appetite
Keep her coming every night
So hard to keep her satisfied
Kept playing love like it was just a game
Pretending to feel the same
Then turn around and leave again

dude. wtf. "keep her coming every night". They have to bleep that out on tv man. That is what we want little kids singing!? o_x jeez.

+Sunday, September 5, 2004+05:26 p.m.+
There's a giant teddy bear todum pole in front of our neighbors house. ^^ Heh. They're probably having a party or something for their kid. ..I don't know how to spell todum pole. ><

I finished reading my history book yesterday. I was so happy. Now I have.. 2 DAYS to read the other one and do the work. Yeah. HA. right..

Everyone is gone. I have the whole house to myself. Everyone is at the pool. Lindsey's gonna be mad at me. I didn't go at all this year. And today they're gonna eat pizza there. For dinner. I guess I'll be eating Cup O'Noodles. >> I don't care though. I'd rather eat Cup O'Noodles. If I remember correctly (which I probably don't because I don't remember things) the pizza they have to order from is Papa John's. And Papa John's pizza is the suck. I hate it. And I like Cup O'Noodles anyway. D: And when they asked me if I wanted to come I had the most horribleist stomach ache. I'm better now though. :D

Hmmmmmmmmnnnn.... I think I'm gonna lay on the floor and do sit-ups now. I've been doing that. While I wait for pictures/wallpapers to load, I do sit-ups for no reason. I suck though.. I do 10 and I'm tired already. .___.

+Sunday, September 5, 2004+04:38 p.m.+
Saturday, September 4, 2004
12:33 a.m.
Whee. Diablo is fun. Grant called and asked if I could play w/them so I did. Only for about an hour though. It's so hard. o_o And our mouse sucks to it makes it even harder for me. ._.

WARG. Is it worth it to pay $30 for a calendar..? It is Gackt but.. $30?! fook.

Saturday, September 4, 2004
01:15 a.m.
TofuRecords has a special little art gallery thing of pictures from Otakon. !! :D ... >_> They don't want you to steal them but I guess they don't know about the PrtScrn button. WAHAHAHHAHAHHAA! ... >_o *steals*
*giggles* I like that first picture. X3
omfg. Their Release Announcement thing is so funny. XDXDXD

Saturday, September 4, 2004
03:57 p.m.
Ugh. I've been reading this stupid book for history for.. about a half hour today. It's so boring. I can't stand it. I'm almost done with it. At first.. it was about this slave guy and he's a slave and it sucks an he wants his freedom and blahblahblah. But now he's free and he's just wandering and doing jobs and OH NO now he's really afraid he's gonna go to hell for some reason. Seriously. Now all he talks about is god and going to church and how depressed he is because he's going to hell. I can't wait to finish this book. I shouldn't have put it off for so long. sigh. >__<

"we went to complain to one Mr. Mac Intosh"
... wtf o_<